Restaurant Services

In this section you can find a wide diversity of products to assist all types of catering needs.

Counter display case

It can be refrigerated, warm or room temperature for the showcasing of products

Hand blenders

Ideal for daily and consistent usage in professional kitchens

Coffee machine

Automatic or semi-automatic, several sizes and colours

Insect trap

Equipped with replaceable adhesive surfaces


Microwave, grill and convection modes

Food Cutters

For all dry, moist or liquid food; preparation of sauces, soups, desserts; grinder and mincer.

Knife Sterilizer

The perfect solution for an hygiene that reaches a macro biological level. Sterilization through U.V. rays

Soup pot

Also available in stainless steel.

Grill plate

Stainless steel entirely, ideal for small spaces


Stainless steel entirely with highly efficient burners


Juicer machine to make natural juices