Frioteca Equipamentos Hoteleiros Lda

The main goal of Frioteca, Equipamentos Hoteleiros, Lda is to find and understand clients’ needs. This will allow us to provide the best solutions, materialized in projects of restaurant and catering services that might meet or exceed each client’s expectations. In other words, our aim is that each client can see his or her vision and concept of business in the project and welcome Frioteca, Equipamentos Hoteleiros, Lda as a partner that adds value to the final outcome, bearing in mind we always have the client’s success into consideration.


Services- 43 Years
Technical Assistance - 43 Years
Conception / Elaboration and presentation- 43 Years
After Sales Service - 43 Years
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Openness, honesty, professionalism and competence

Bearing in mind change is something constant in life, Frioteca, Equipamentos Hoteleiros, Lda seeks to incorporate in its proposals contemporary designs, materials and environments that are within the current tendencies. We also value openness, honesty, professionalism and competence in the proposals and also in our relation with the client.

Why Choose Us?

We invest in the development of our human resources as a key factor for our success: hard skills (technical knowledge) and also soft skills (behaviour change), attitude and interpersonal relations. We are aware of the impending post sale assistance needs that come from possible breakdowns that naturally may occur and that might threaten the normal functioning of our clients’ businesses. Due to this, Frioteca, Equipamentos Hoteleitos, Lda seeks to respond promptly to any urgent needs.