Ventilatio/Air Conditioning

The conditioning of air is a process of air treatment in closed spaces. This treatment is the regulation of the quality of air in inner spaces concerning its temperature, humidity, cleanness and circulation. The conditioning of air is one of the key factors of HVAC technology (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). The air which is treated in a system of air conditioning is called “Air Conditioned”. Currently speaking, the process of conditioning of air is called “Air Conditioning”. Bearing this in mind, we have several solutions of Air Conditioning and Ventilation, using a technology that allows improving the quality of air in closed spaces.

As industrial ventilation is meant the process of withdrawing or supplying air by natural or mechanical means from or to an enclosure. The purpose of the ventilation process is to clean and control the air conditions, so that the Man and machines coexist in the same enclosure without prejudice to both parties.

The main objective of the study of industrial ventilation is to identify techniques to control the drafts to be introduced or removed from an enclosure in order to keep it healthy, with minimum energy losses.

Insect trap

Equipped with replaceable adhesive surfaces

Washing Machine

Stainless steel, several sizes, low and high-speed centrifuge


Stainless steel, several sizes, low and high-speed centrifuge

Multi deck

Showcasing several products–freezing

Tray cart

Stainless steel entirely, to carry trays.


Totally made from stainless steel


Billing system

Multi deck

showcasing several products – conservation/freezing

Olive dish

Stainless steel entirely, always custom made